Guide: How to Nudge for Practitioners

The goal of this Practitioner’s Guide to Nudging is to add to and complement other nudging resources by:

1. Providing an organizational framework that identifies dimensions along which nudging approaches could be categorized.

2. Presenting a number of short case studies.

3. Giving the practitioner (the choice architect) some process guidelines on how to develop a nudge (or a program that comprises of multiple nudges).

To download the report, please click here.

How to decrease credit card delinquency with IVR messages

In a large scale randomized control trial with a credit card company, my coauthors Daniel Mochon, Dan Ariely, and I successfully used behavioral insights in the company’s interactive voice recording (IVR) messages to significantly decrease delinquency. A win-win outcome for both customers and the company. The paper has been accepted at the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2018 and the full version is available via OpenAccess here.

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