About Nina



I’m an Associate Professor of Marketing (Behavioral Science) at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, the co-director of the center Behavioral Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR), and a Fellow of the Science Leadership Program in Canada.

I’m currently on temporary leave from Rotman to assume the role of Behavioral Scientist of the World Bank’s new Global INsights Initiative (GINI) in Washington DC to use behavioral science to make development interventions more effective.

Academic Work

For a complete account of my academic work (including access to all academic publications), please refer to my Rotman website. For my applied and policy work with various national and international (non-)for-profit and governmental organizations, I have been named one of “The 40 Most Outstanding B-School Profs Under 40 in the World.”

Entrepreneur, Policy Advisor, Consultant

I am a founding partner of BEworks, a behavioral insights-driven management consulting firm. In addition, I am a member of various advisory boards/committees; among others of the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI), of the Austrian Minister of Families and Youth, of the Canadian Minister of National Revenue, and of the Innovation Hub at the Privy Council Office in Canada.

Media Coverage

My research has been published widely in academic journals, and featured in international TV, radio, and print outlets, including Japanese Public Television, NPR, BBC, The New York Times, Financial Times, Wired, and Harvard Business Review’s Breakthrough Ideas. My work is also  featured in the New York Times Bestsellers “Drive” by Steven Pink as well “Predictably Irrational”, “The Upside of Irrationality”, and “The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty” by Dan Ariely.

Most recently I was featured in the 2015 documentary movie “(Dis)Honesty—The Truth About Lies” by Dan Ariely and Yael Melamede, which covers some of my foundational research on dishonesty with Dan Ariely (e.g., the paper “The Dishonesty of Honest People” — recipient of the 2012 William F. O’Dell award). In addition,  I was a speaker at TEDxToronto 2015, on How to Nudge Authentic Behavior (covering behavioral interventions to curb insurance fraud and increase organ donation).


I  received my Master of Science (Dipl. Kauffr.) and Ph.D. (Dr. rer. pol. with summa cum laude) equivalents in Management/Marketing from the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, where I held a scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation (granted to ¼ percent of German university students).  I was a post-doctoral associate of Prof. Dan Ariely at MIT, where I researched and lectured in the marketing group of the Sloan School of Management and in the Media Lab’s eRationality group.



Behavioral Scientist, B-School Prof, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Consultant, Policy Advisor