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Best Paper Award IJRM: Paying Too Much Today and Being Satisfied Tomorrow

Our paper “Advance Payment Systems: Paying Too Much Today and Being Satisfied Tomorrow” (co-authored with Christian Schlereth, Fabian Schultz, and Bernd Skiera)  was selected as a winner of the BestPaper Award of IJRM‘s 2015 Special Issue on Marketing and Innovation!

Thank you to The Erasmus Center for Marketing of Innovations of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the American Marketing Association and the European Marketing Academy (EMAC). It was a pleasure to receive the plague at this year’s EMAC conference. 

The  paper can be found here: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2575159


Talk @ The 2015 Yale Customer Insights Conference

Unfortunately, I needed to cancel my attendance.

I’m going to talk about equal billing plans and how we find that customers not only prefer to overpay to receive a refund later but how refund-customers are also more satisfied with their service providers, less price aware, and less likely to switch their providers.

Paper:  Schulz, Fabian, Christian Schlereth, Nina Mazar, and Bernd Skiera (2015), Advance Payment Systems: Paying Too Much Today and Being Satisfied Tomorrow, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(3), in press.